Guy Davenport

Best known for: Being the quickest/fastest Jester over a 1/4 mile.

Car(s): Ford Pop RPU

Ford Pop RPU

It's a Ford Pop Jim, but not as we know it...

Front wings, grille shell, bonnet, bulkhead, doors, and 3 inches of B pillar, these are all Ford Popular items, the rear of the cab is made up of two bits of a 100e roof and part of a Triumph Herald bonnet.
The pickup bed is scratch built apart from the tailgate, which is a 60/70s Ford tailgate that has had three feet taken out of it's width.

Seats are handmade aluminium bomber style seats, the headers are homemade, the rear wings are unknown fronts with a hell of a lot of work to make them rears.
The roof is homemade and is going to be padded and covered in a Carson style.
The dash is also an 'unknown' item, but has been cut and welded into what it is now, with a Moggie Minor speedo and the dash trim the numberplate light/boot handle off of Perverse (49 Plymouth).
Engine is a 3 litre V6 Ford, with a C3 auto gearbox, braking system is a smart car pedal/master cylinder/servo underfloor assembly with S/S braided hoses throughout to Herald discs/calipers and Escort drums. Wheels are Herald front and Minx rears.
Wiring is a 'hot rod' kit, stripped back to what’s needed.
It will eventually be painted blue, and the roof will be black vinyl.